Art Doc Festival is a Cultural Non-profit Association and its activities have only cultural aims. Specifically its purpose is to promote the art of multi-vision and multimedia through every possible cultural and social initiative in order to encrease the development, the promotion and the knowledge of art and architecture. Art Doc Festival pursues these goals primarily through the ORGANIZATION OF DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVALS AND REVIEWS, both in Italy and abroad, and the PRODUCTION OF VIDEO AND DOCUMENTARY FILMS.


The Association organizes International Documentary Film Festivals and Reviews on art and architecture, in order to establish a more nuanced and inclusive view of the best and most recent documentary productions coming from all over the world. Video Conversations – International Documentary Film Festival on Art and Architecture is one of the most important cultural events curated by Art Doc Festival, that provides a new call for entries every year and, by the time, it has become a consolidated and awaited appointment in the cultural landscape of Rome. The Festival is characterized for being an interdisciplinary event, it is a crossing point among different artistic languages: it recounts us the infinite possible expressions of art and architecture through the cinematographic language. The Festival proposes a reflection on how the architecture and art are confronted with the audiovisual medium and how the dialogue among different artistic languages can create works of particular originality and experimentation. Art Doc Festival also has an extensive archive of documentary films (over 5,000 titles) constituded by the films submitted to our Festivals in the ten years of cultural events organization and coming from all around the world. It is a unique archive, of the that extraordinary form of cinema and show which is the documentary. Thanks to our database, which is expanding and updating year by year, and the vast network of contacts we have with directors, writers and productions around the world, Art Doc Festival is able to ensure a plurality of supplies: to organize thematic reviews with a transversal and interdisciplinary approach, to provide documentaries and audiovisual contributions to enrich lectures, conferences, workshops and cultural events in general.


Art Doc Festival is also an interlocutor for the production and the realization of documentaries and videos on art, architecture. Taking advantage of the professionalism and experience of numerous collaborators, both experts in the field of art and both in the field of cinema, both professionals related to the historical-critical aspects and both regarding the technical details, we can realize video projects at different levels of complexity, following all the production’s aspects from the project’s ideation until the final product’s edition. During the recent years we have worked mainly on projects about contemporary art and architecture with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the artist (or the architect) and the creation of his work. We did it by filming the artists at work in their studios, collecting their thoughts and filming the preparation of their exhibitions and installations. Museums, Foundations, Art Galleries and Art Associations, Artists and Architects, are our main customers, for which we produce: documentaries, interviews, audiovisual contributions to art exhibitions, promotional videos, reports and backstage of exhibitions and cultural events, specific editing of historical footage.