The Scientific Committee of  "Video Conversations", composed by: Stefano Catucci, Bruno Di Marino, Ilaria Gatti, Alfonso Giancotti e Antonella Greco, assings The Special Mention for the Best Documentary at:

"Mendelsohn's incessant visions" directed by Duky Dror

For the inventiveness and intensity of the structure that represents the fascinating story of Erich Mendelssohn, and leads the audience through his projects, his world, the changes that divide him from reality to the heritage left in the spaces around us and in the history of architecture.

The Commission assigns further special mention for the originality, film-quality and plot selection to the following documentaries:

"Memoria dei fluidi" directed by Giampaolo Penco

"Space Metropoliz" directed by Fabrizio Boni and Giorgio De Finis

"Tempo interiore" directed by Fiamma Marchione

"Video su carta" directed by Antonello Matarazzo