Call for entries for the 2015 edition of


International Documentary Film Festival on Art and Architecture

19 - 23 October 2015 | Casa dell'Architettura (House of Architecture) Piazza M. Fanti, 47

Rome | Italy

Video Conversations is a cultural project curated by Art Doc Festival and promoted by the Casa dell'Architettura. The 2015 edition of the Festival will take place in Rome, at the Casa dell'Architettura for 5 days in the month of October 2015 and it will feature the best documentary productions in cinema and television from 2012 to the present.

The Festival is divided into three sections:

1. ART

This section comprehends documentaries produced all over the world between 2012 and today on the theme of visual arts. Documentaries featured in this section portray painting, sculpture, photography, performing art, art installations, land art, graphic, design, new trends in contemporary art, great exponents in the arts and their exhibitions, restorations, events, inquiries and historical investigations on art.


This section comprehends documentaries produced all over the world between 2012 and today on architecture. Documentaries featured in this section portray architecture, design, city planning, restorations, monuments, churches, museums, palaces, cities, neighborhoods, contemporary and historical constructions, restorations, landscaping, architectural installations, biographies of architects and archival footage on the art of building and rebuilding. The focus of the 2015 edition is the theme of recycling / reusing, for which it was set up a special category of the competition:


This section comprehends documentaries produced all over the world between 2012 and today on the theme of recycling and reusing of objects, spaces and languages. Documentaries featured in this section the use of waste materials for the creation of works of art, up-cycling (creative reuse) that gives new functions to objects that have apparently lost their usefulness; art projects that reuse in an eccentric way everyday objects; "design for recycling" that makes of recycling and reusing a new form of art. Renovations and new uses of existing spaces: buildings, areas, housing, public and private places rediscovered and converted to a new function; transformations of common areas underutilized through artistic interventions; the urban renewal of abandoned places by active citizenship, local government, private companies or individual inventors. The adoption of new artistic, visual, audio and audiovisual languages, between quotes and experimentation, that create works through the use of a hybrid and interdisciplinary language.

Participants are kindly requested to specify for which section they are submitting their film. The selecting committee reserves the right to move any of the submitted films from one section to another.

During the last evening a jury of experts will award a prize for best documentary in each section.

Art Doc Festival, in collaboration with the House of Architecture, will contact some of the most influential names in the world of entertainment and culture to introduce the films along with directors and producers. All the documentaries received through this call for entries will be kept in the Art Doc Festival's archive and will be available to scholars and experts who can view them by appointment in the office of the association.


Art Doc Festival will only accept documentaries produced between 2012 and today featuring the content specified above.  

International films must provide subtitling in Italian or in English. If subtitled in English, we also require dialogue transcripts.

To partecipate in Video Conversations, by June 15, 2015 is required:

1. To fill out every part of the application form, following the described procedure.

2.  To send the following material to our address Art Doc Festival c/o Panini Bucciarelli, Piazza Adriana, 15 - 00193 Roma – Italia: two PAL STANDARD copies of the film; a paper copy of the application form, fully filled out and signed by the copyright owner.

3. To send the following material to our email address two high resolution pictures related to the film (jpg, 300 dpi).

By entering the contest each individual filmmaker or producer is responsible for the content of his work and warrants that the grant of this licence will not infringe the copyright (sound or picture) or any other rights whatsoever of any third party. By applying the review the participants explicitly allows the use of sound and video materials.

Art Doc Festival may also show short clips or images from the submitted entries on television news, broadcasts and in all kind of promotion and communications activities related to the review. Copyright's owners also authorize further showings of their works without any charge for non-profit purposes.

The subscriber declares that all the submitted information are true and allows their use for promotional and communication purposes related to the review (catalogue, website, social networks, press releases, etc.).

Both the admitted and the non-admitted titles will NOT be returned to the film senders, as they will remain for good in the Art Doc Festival archive for documentary purposes. They will not be used for commercial purposes and could be seen within the archive for free.

Signing in the entry form implies full acceptance of all the terms and conditions. These rules are considered part of the application form and must be signed and attached to it.

In case of controversy, the Court of Roma will have jurisdiction.

Should there be any interpretation problems of terms and conditions, the Italian version will be considered as final. Personal information will be dealt according to the terms of Law no. 675 of 31/12/1996 and following changes and additions.


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